Journalist Attacked with Stones a Day after Setting His House on fire.

Kabale, 10th/December/2012; Unknown assailants attacked a Daily Monitor journalist on Saturday night for a second time, stoning his residence.  This happened after unknown arsonists set his house alight in the wee hours of Friday night.

Robert Muhereza, a correspondent for The Daily Monitor in Kabale and Kisoro districts in South Western Uganda said that the incident happened at 2100hrs when he was in the house with his wife and their two children.  The assailants escaped before the police arrived to rescue him.

“I was in the house on Saturday 08th at about 0900PM local time when I started hearing stones falling onto my roof. They would come in intervals, about ten stones landed on the roof. They lasted for about four minutes. So I called the police for rescue, but by the time the police arrived, they had taken off. I don’t know who was involved, but I am scared for my life.” Muhereza told HRNJ-Uganda.

Muhereza told HRNJ-Uganda that the police responded within about five minutes. His house is located about 50 meters away from Kabale Police Station. The area police have provided security to Muhereza’s home, according to the Officer in charge of Kabale police station, Victor Ahabwe. “He reported the matter to police, and we gave him security. We are still investigating the issue, and a file has been opened but no arrests have been made on the stone-throwing incident.

Muhereza has also told HRNJ-Uganda that, a fortnight ago when he had travelled to Western Uganda with his family, unknown people broke into his house and stole his items, including; two mobile phones, an identity card, money worth 320 US Dollars, an automated teller machine (ATM) card, a DVD player and deck player among others. No one has been arrested in connection to the robbery.

Muhereza could not point to the possible cause of the attack, “Really I can’t tell the source and reason for these attacks. I have not been involved in critical work.

HRNJ-Uganda believes that these attacks are a real threat to the life of this journalist and his family.  We however commend the police for swiftly coming to the rescue of Muhereza and providing him security. We pray that the investigations yield to arrest of the suspects who should be prosecuted for their despicable acts.



 For More Information Contact;

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About Human Rights Network For Journalists-Uganda

HRNJ-Uganda was established in 2005 by a group of human rights-minded journalists who developed a sense of activism amidst a deteriorating context due to glaring abuses targeting the media. The network gained formal registration as an independent non-profit and non-partisan media organisation in 2006. The identity of HRNJ-Uganda lies with its diverse membership across the board including the print and electronic media, freelance investigative journalists and individuals from other professions.
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